Plug-In Car

Plug-In Car (PHEV) can run on both gasoline and electricity - producing less pollution and costing less to fuel than conventional gas-powered cars. The pollution will be lower by larger battery capacity (higher range) and the ability to plug-in to the Charging Stations for recharging.

Plug-In Car Sales

The Plug-In Car Sales are increasing tremendously Worldwide. There is no question the popularity of Electric Vehicles (Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid or Full Electric) will increase more and more in the next few years. The Electric Vehicle Industry is booming like no other Industry and will grow in the next decade over 350 – 500%. In many countries, the Government have given a subsidy for this "Sustainable Transportation".

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Plug-In Car on the road

Plug-In Cars that are already on the road: ✓Volkswagen Passat GTE✓Porsche 918 Spyder PHEV✓BYD Qin PHEV✓Ford Mondeo PHEV✓Toyota Prius PHEV✓BMW i8✓Holden Volt✓Volvo V60 PHEV✓Opel Ampera✓Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV✓Volkswagen Golf GTE✓Porsche Cayenne PHEV✓Mercedes-Benz C350e PHEV✓Audi A3 e-Tron✓Cadillac ELR✓Mclaren P1✓BYD Tang PHEV✓Ford C-Max PHEV✓BMW i3 EREV✓Ford Fusion PHEV✓Fisker Karma✓Chevrolet Volt✓Honda Accord PHEV✓Mercedes-Benz S500 PHEV✓Porsche Panamera PHEV✓Acura NSX PHEV✓Ferrari LaFerrari PHEV✓Volkswagen XL1✓Volvo XC90 PHEV

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